Everything you need to know about interior design in one course

Welcome to our corner of creativity

Here the design is not just a discipline, but a true passion.

Currently, our space offers an introductory journey into design, laying the foundation for your creative adventure.

We hope to become a place where we can talk about the latest design news and introduce you to some designers who have left their mark on the international scene (in the Iconic Design section).

Our goal is to create a stimulating and inclusive environment, where every design enthusiast can find ideas and inspiration.

We are here to accompany you on this adventure, providing you with tools and knowledge to best express your creativity.

The journey into the world of design has just begun, and together we can make it unforgettable.

Discovering the most effective approach to discover the design

How to use the course:

  1. study online the video
  2. do the test and exercises to revise
  3. study the suggested books to overwhelming

Enhancing the understanding of the methodology.


Improve your skill

A Modern interior design course.

Most major books on interior design contain many pages that can be condensed into a few important things. 

This course claims to be the summary of the main narrative on this topic. 

There is no point in spending hours of time if you understand the content faster.

A kind of information pills in which everyone can then individually analyze the specific subject in more detail if necessary.

I will teach you the essentials of learning design theory with various exercises and practice, you will be able to start designing yourself and create the home of your dreams.

Some in-depth books selected and suggested by me.

One specific section on software and another on the history of design to have a complete knowledge of the topic.

architect: Domenico Bruno